R.W.G. Hingston, Himalaya Mountains (1920-1924) glass plate photograph

R.W.G. Hingston, Himalaya Mountains (1920-1924) glass plate photograph



Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty are collaborative artists currently living and working remotely between Dublin and Sligo. We use performance, video, sound installation and storytelling, along with a detailed research process, to convey visions of transience and resistance. Through mimetic acts of communication and repetition, of resurrection and preservation, we investigate humanity’s struggle against overwhelming natural forces and ask how we can look beyond our perceptions of infinity. 



Standing Above Every Thing / idle days and minor battles is a new publication made in collaboration between Ruth Clinton, Michael Hill and Niamh Moriarty. Using archival photographs, lantern slides and journal entries by Richard W.G. Hingston (1887-1966), from the Trinity College Dublin archives, the book surveys the life of this intrepid individual through the present-day lenses of conservation, colonialism and deep time.

County Cork-born Hingston was a naturalist, explorer and surgeon, who worked as a medical officer for the British Empire army during the first and second World Wars. While stationed in the Middle East during WWI, he expressed in his journal entries a desire to escape the war and to continue his scientific studies of fauna and their behaviours. Like many men of that era, Hingston sought out adventures to remote lands following the war. In 1924, he joined the ill-fated British expedition to 'conquer' Mount Everest. Along the treacherous Himalayan foothills, Hingston collected thousands of insect and plant specimens along with some small mammals, reptiles and birds. At 20,000 feet, he became the first westerner to identify the Himalayan Jumping Spider, thought to be the highest living resident on Earth.

This publication compiles numerous images from Hingston's travels to the Himalayas and neighbouring Pamir mountain range, with many of his photographs published here for the first time. The texts, relayed through the voices of insect and arachnid specimens, convey experiences of time, ecology, displacement, conflict, and loss.

The hardback book is the second published collaboration between Ruth Clinton, Michael Hill and Niamh Moriarty, following Wound with a Tear (2016), also produced by 100 Years Ago Today. Printed in an edition of 200 copies, Standing Above Every Thing / idle days and minor battles, includes a glow in the dark screenprinted bookmark, risograph poster/dust jacket, and additional printed inserts. The publication and its launch are supported by Trinity College Dublin, through the Provost’s Academic Development Fund, and Fingal County Council.


Standing Above Every Thing / idle days and minor battles will be launched on Tuesday, December 4 in the Zoological Museum, Trinity College Dublin, from 6pm-8pm. Access is strictly limited and guests must reserve a free ticket HERE.

Entry to the Zoology Building will be limited to 6pm-6.30pm. An informal introduction by Ruth Clinton, Michael Hill and Niamh Moriarty will be given before guests will be offered a guided tour of the Zoological Museum by a graduate student of Zoology.

Copies of the publication will be for sale on the evening at a launch price of €15 (usual price €20 including postage).

Pre-order copies of the book for €15 including postage HERE. Pre-ordered copies can be collected from the launch, or will be dispatched on December 5.